Levis Online Auctions

Consign Art

We are always looking for good art work to sell at auction. If you have something you think we may be interested in, please give us a call at our offices for a free confidential appointment.

Standard commission rates are as follows:
10% for lots selling for $2,500 or more
20% for lots selling for under $2,499 and over $500
30% for lots selling for under $500
If there is a reserve price and the lot fails to sell, there is a reserve bid fee of 5% of the reserve price (minimum charge of $100)
While the consignor is responsible for the reserve fee and shipping to and from the auction, the auction company is responsible for the following:
- advertising
- cataloguing
- photography expenses
- insurance

Written appraisals can be prepared for insurance, probate, family division or other purposes. Appraisal fees vary according to circumstance so please contact the office regarding particulars. A partial rebate of our fee will be made on appraised property subsequently accepted by us for sale.
The following information is normally required for any appraisal:

Title: ________________
Media: _______________ [oil watercolour etc. and support, paper, canvas etc.]
Size: _________________ [the image or canvas size and let me know what unit of measurement you are using]
Marks: _______________ [signed, titled, dated etc.]
Condition:_____________ [scratches, fading etc.]
Provenance:___________ [where did you get it from, are there labels on the back etc.]

The more information you can provide for an appraisal, the less time and hence costs it is to do one.
Please contact the office for more information.