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Title Dine with a Rocky Mountain Legend - Cliff White
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Sold $650 Estimate $550 - $1,100

ESTIMATED RETAIL VALUE $800 - Learning to Burn [and Not to Burn] - Fire and Food in the Bow Valley for Eight People; includes Guided Field Trip near Banff as well as Dinner at the Whyte Museum for up to Eight People with Cliff and Johanne White.

For millennia, fires lit by First Nations and lightning have shaped the meadows and forests of the Bow Valley. Cliff White, a long-time biologist with Parks Canada (retired) will give an afternoon field trip and slide show describing fire ecology and the progress and pitfalls of how our recent culture has learned that this burning sustained people, plants and wildlife in the ecosystem. In the early evening, Johanne Gillin-White, a registered dietician working in the valley since the 1980s will round out our day with a tasty Mediterranean inspired dinner served at the Whyte Museum. Johanne has a passion for cooking and eating healthy nutritious food! She will consult with our group to pull together a custom menu for a meal that rounds out our day. Fresh, organic ingredients will be locally sourced through Rusticana Grocery in Canmore whose suppliers are small farms in Alberta and BC. This is a one-of-a-kind, PRICELESS experience you’ll remember forever!

Generously donated by Cliff and Joanne White, see website at lensoftimenorthwest.com

CAD $650 - Paddle # 1606
Bidding History
Paddle #
6/13/2021 2:09:10 PM
CAD $650
6/13/2021 2:04:34 PM
CAD $600
6/13/2021 12:50:46 PM
CAD $550
6/13/2021 8:27:22 AM
CAD $500
6/12/2021 12:18:40 AM
CAD $475
6/11/2021 2:47:00 PM
CAD $450
6/11/2021 10:59:56 AM
CAD $425
6/7/2021 8:07:39 PM
CAD $400

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