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Packing, shipping, consulting, and collection management.


LEVIS has several economical solutions to your art packing needs. Whether you need to deliver locally or internationally, we can assist in the transport of single pieces or entire collections. Our experience comes from crating art for shipment for our auctions for over 25 years. At the conclusion of either our live and online auctions, we are regularly shipping large amounts of art all over the country and beyond. If you have successfully purchased a piece(s) with us and require shipping, we will prepare it for you and confirm your preferences. If you require transport of your art work for any other reason, we can help.

For shipments to farther regions, we create packaging in-house that protects your valuable pieces during shipment. Each package is custom built beginning with proper padding inside of a rigid high-density insulation crate, to a final layer of corrugate to protect the exterior. The padding and void filling inside the package is dependent on the fragility of the piece and frame. If it can be done safely, we try to combine your pieces in order to decrease the amount of crates.

Our experience with shipping art extends to dealing with export documentation to ensure that your pieces safely cross all borders.

Ensure Your Art is
Prepared for Border Checks

All Levis packages are easily opened and resealed without tools for any border checks they may encounter.

Extensive Experience
Shipping Art

Due to its close affiliation with packing art, we also have considerable experience shipping art. LEVIS has the ability to move your pieces to their destination in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner. We have access to multiple shipping networks and are able to coordinate deliveries that are the most economical and convenient for you.

Consulting & Collection Management

The organization and management of an art collection is important no matter the size. With decades of experience, our expertise can assist you with making educated decisions about your current collection, acquisitions and dispersals. We have previously worked with individuals, executors, estate lawyers, accountants, curators and more. At LEVIS we are up-front, honest and recognize when it is beneficial to collaborate with our fellow industry colleagues to give you the best result.

Our connection to numerous art service companies helps us to coordinate everything for you from beginning to end. Not only can we document your art work, but we can also contract out framing, restoration and installation needs by the best people in the business!

Are You Looking to
Manage a Collection?

LEVIS can offer the following services:

  • Properly catalogue
  • Record keeping
  • Professionally photograph all pieces
  • Compile into a database or spreadsheet for easy management
  • Reviews as needed
  • Appraisals and valuations

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