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Artist William Kurelek
Title A Northern Nativity: Christmas Dreams of a Prairie Boy
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Media book
Dated 1977
Size 9.5 x 9.5 in. / 24.1 x 24.1 cm.
Sold $1 Estimate $10 - $12

softcover; approx. 45 pages; illustrated in colour; good condition

Author: William Kurelek; Publisher: Tundra Books of Montreal

Biographical Information
William Kurelek ~ [1927-1977] Canadian OSA, RCA
see Someone With Me: the Autobiography of William Kurelek, by W.Kurelek; Kurelek's Canada, by W.Kurelek, Pagurian Press, 1978; William Kurelek: A Retrospective, by A.Isaacs, E.A.G., 1979; The Last Days and Drawings of William Kurelek, by W.Kurelek, Tundra Books, 1988; A Memoir of William Kurelek, by B.Dedora, Aya Press, 1989; William Kurelek The Messanger, by M.J.Hughes, AGGV, 2011; illustrator and author of several books including A Prairie Boy's Summer, A Prairie Boy's Winter, A Northern Nativity, They Sought a New World, plus others; N.G.C. Vol.2, G-K, ed.C.Hill, pg.390; MacDonald Vol.3 pg.693; Westbridge, Vol.2, pg.101

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